Mini Power Bank with Mini-Torch 10000mAh portable Phone Charger External Battery Pack Case 2 USB Ports (Black)


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USB port power supply output, plug in cable can be realized portable, ready to charge, provide mobile phone power demand at any time
Emergency charging is suitable for most digital products on the market, such as: smart phones, PSP, MP3/4,’t a MP5, GPS, bluetooth,
digital camera, Pod tablet, etc.
Case Material : Plastic

Color: Black /blue
Display: 4 cell battery indicator LED , a lamp on behalf of 25% power, charge and discharge current battery indicator light flashes
Function : USB charging port output

1, high quality : the use of high capacity batteries A product , superior quality ;
2, the new models : high-end appearance, fashion design ;
3. Versatile: can charge two devices at the same time to
4, large capacity: Large capacity , can meet multiple phone charging task.
Battery capacity: Polymer lithium ion batteriesA + + + battery

Packing: power 10000mah , Charging cable

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